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The Dresden Church Of Our Lady

ISBN: 978-3-9810375-3-1

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Erected on holy ground between 1726 and 1743, the Dresden Church of Our Lady experienced glamourous as well as gloomy days. When air raids of the allied bomber fleets destroyed Dresden in the night of February 13/14 leaving only a trail of ash and debris behind, the last day of this unique gem of global culture had come. Today, after remaining a ruin for more than 50 years and thus functioning as a memorial of the horrors of war, Our Lady dominates the skyline of Dresden once again. This reconstruction of the church with donations from countries all over the globe is worldwide considered to be one-of-a-kind. A fascinating "resurrection" which means a dream come true for those who still dream about the old Dresden.

With this audio book we would like to invite you on a tour through the eventful history of the Dresden Church of Our Lady. Many famous writers, musicans, painters and architects visited Dresden and have captured their impressions and experiences around the topic of Our Lady in novels, poems, diaries, letters and travelogues. Frank Fröhlich succeeded in creating a first-time-ever collage of various texts by contemporaries about the Church of Our Lady.

Combined with sensitive compositions by a first-class ensemble of Dresden musicians this audio book represents a wonderful listening-experience which is released just in time for the inauguration of the Dresden Church of Our Lady.


Resurrection by Georg Alisch

"We're living with a new silhouette now. Whether it's carrying the Saturday picnic hamper over the lawns of the Grosser Garten, sauntering along the quiet streets of the Wilder Mann, or gazing into the valley from the Weisser Hirsch or the Coschütz Heights, from all points of the compass, the dome of the Church of Our Lady is now to be seen. It hovers benevolently over Dresden, its gilded cross shining in the sun, piercing the blue sky. The old stones, which shimmer like dark velvet, punctuate the new pale sandstone ones, recently brought from the quarries near Pirna. And somehow, these clearly differentiated black and white stones seem themselves to reflect the checkered history of Our Lady of Dresden."

Published by: Fröhlich Verlag, Goldmund-Hörbücher

With texts by Charles Burney, Carl Gustav Carus, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Erich Kästner, Theodor Körner, Helga Schütz, and others
Title: The Dresden Church Of Our Lady
Subtitle: A literary and musical tour through 200 years of eventful history 1.
edition 2005
year of publication: 2005

audio format: CD - audiobook
Selling price: EUR 16, VAT included
Direction & Text enquiries: Frank Fröhlich; Speaker: Rupert Wickham
Musicians: Frank Fröhlich (Guitar), Katrin May (Flute), Dietrich Zöllner (Cello), Volker Schlott (Sax), Andreas Böttcher (Vibraphone, Fenderpiano), Christian Topp (Harp), Jörg Ritter (Percussion), Tom Götze (Bass)

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